Francisco Campo

Industrial Engineer (Mechanical Design) by the School of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV-EHU). He has 15 years of experience in the development of Ecodesign projects, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Eco-innovation, as well as in sustainable building projects, with accredited training as a "Breeam Advisor" for Housing. He is "Individual Verifier" to carry out the process of Verification / Audit of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD's) for the "International EPD System" program.

Ruben Carnerero

Industrial Engineer (Manufacturing) by the School of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV-EHU). He has extensive experience in the development of eco-innovation projects, circular economy and implementation of ecodesign management systems, in addition to the field of Environmental Product Declarations, being approved by "International EPD System" as "Individual Verifier "For Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. He has actively participated in congresses on ACV and Ecodesign at national and international level.

Gorka Benito

Industrial Engineer from the School of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV-EHU), he has worked since joining IK Ingeniería in the field of environmental product labeling and life cycle analysis. He is currently part of the "Technical Committee" of the "Internaitonal EPD System", after his time as a member of the International Advisory Board of this same program, coordinated by the Swedish entity Environdec, in which he is also certified as "Individual Verifier" for Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru and Argentina.

Itxaso Trabudua

Industrial Engineer from the School of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV-EHU) and Master in Air Conditioning Engineering from the University of Deusto. In addition, she is an Inspector of thermal installations and auditor of energy facilities. Specialized in the construction and building sector, she has carried out a large number of implementations of environmental and energy management systems (ISO 14006, ISO 14001, ISO 50001) as well as EPDs of construction materials. Approved as "reference" in French system of certification of buildings HQE

Ana de la Puente

Architect (construction specialization) by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastián (UPV-EHU) and Master in Appraisal of Property and Damage Assessment by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. She has developed projects both in the field of Life Cycle Analysis, specializing in the calculation of Carbon Footprint, as in the sustainable building, with training accredited as "Advisor Breeam" for Housing and being approved as a "reference" in French system of certification of HQE buildings.

Sergio Rodríguez

Industrial Engineer (Industrial Design and Project Management) by the School of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV-EHU). He has more than 7 years of experience in the field of Life Cycle Analysis, in which he has developed studies in very different sectors, most notably that of renewable energies. He has also participated in projects of Circular Economy, Environmental Product Declarations, and has carried out tasks of definition and execution of R + D + i projects in both national and European programs.

Oscar Beato

Graduated in Social Labour from the university of Labour Relations (UPV-EHU). He has developed functions of administration and coordination of teams in companies of different sectors. At IK Ingeniería, these tasks are compatible with the development of management tools, the performance of communication actions both internally and for other clients, and participating in the management and coordination of different R + D + i projects.