CLIENT: Ihobe, S.A.

SERVICE: Training

YEAR: 2015-2018

Bilbao - Bizkaia

The basque ecodesign HUB constitutes the core of the training activity in the field of Ecodesign in the Basque Country. Located in Bilbao, the initiative is open to all universities and vocational training centers in the Basque Country (both public and private).

It involves both students and unemployed young people from all types of careers and specialties. These students receive specific training on ecodesign and product environmental improvement, life cycle analysis, environmental statements and ecological marketing. Afterwards, the students develop technical projects in collaboration with companies of the Basque Ecodesign Center and SMEs, in which they apply in a practical way all the acquired knowledge. The projects carried out allow companies to make progress in reducing their environmental impacts and in acquiring knowledge about different types of environmental strategies.

IK INGENIERÍA is in charge of the technical assistance of the basque ecodesign hub. We provide the training the students receive, of approximately two months. Subsequently, we monitor and supervise the projects, assisting students in the application of the knowledge acquired and supporting companies in resolving doubts.



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