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Why Ecodesign?

Ecodesign is simply a good design

The way of life, in which the actual society is immerse, generates serious problems to the environment. It is a fact that nowadays production process are not efficient anymore. Mostly, because of the indiscriminate use of resources and rising waste generation, in quantity and complexity. It is not only an environmental problem, it affects directly to business economy. With raw material and energy rising prices, companies focus their efforts on minimising those costs to the maximum extent possible. Ecodesign is a solution.

Ecodesign is a methodology that allows the production of environmental friendly products, reducing resources and raw materials consumption. Using Ecodesign, most companies have a consumption reduction potential between 10% and 20%, although in many cases it may be significantly higher.


Ecodesign is applicable in any business sector. For example, due to the large number and variety of products that consume energy, the result is a higher energy consumption than past years. A strategy focused on product environmental improvement would help to reduce it and would benefit from energy saving, raw materials consumption and energy saving for customer. So, to ecodesign or not to ecodesign, is not a question that only affects to companies, it does also affects to customers.

"Ecodesign is the path European companies should take to compete in the global market". 
(César Santos, Innovation Policy Unit of DG Enterprise European Commision)