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Green Public Procurement


Green procurement means buying and acquiring goods and services in an intelligent and responsible way to advance in sustainability.

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Green Procurement and procurement is the purchase or contracting of products and/or services that takes into account, not only the economic or technical aspects, but also the environmental impact of them throughout their all life cycle. This means that, at the time of purchase, in addition to considering the environmental performance of the materials and products, the methods and procedures in the execution of the contracts and the environmental performance of the suppliers and the manufacturers themselves must be taken into account.

The economic volume of Green Public Procurement (GPP) represents approximately a 16% of European GDP. This has meant that, from the European Commission itself, the GPP is recognized as a high value tool to implement environmental strategies and business competitiveness. Green public procurement is therefore a tool that has clear advantages for administrations and their suppliers since:

  • Generates important environmental improvement
  • Shows the exemplarity of administrations, improving their image
  • It pulls the private sector, promoting the competitiveness of companies
  • Promotes the development of new markets of environmentally best products and services

From IK INGENIERIA, we advise government on how to implement Green Public Procurement strategies. We designed the strategies to be introduced in public contracts (procurement of furniture, office supplies, different services, etc.) to drive the suppliers of the administration on the path to sustainability.


Our experiences


The City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz

The greening of “Specifications Sheet for the Contracting of the new phase of construction works of the Palacio Europa Convention Centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz”..

logo ayto vitoria

Udaltalde 21

Greening of administrative and technical specifications of “administrative specifications in negotiated procedure that will govern without a prior contract notice for the drafting and executing project work of rehabilitation of a local in Arrankudiaga as local sustainability office””

logo udaltalde21


The greening of the construction project with Green Public Procurement criteria, of the incubators for companies in the pole of innovation of Ordizia.

logo goieki


The greening of the tender Specifications for the Contracting of the Company.

logo itelazpi


Development of a protocol for the greening of tenders and development of actions for its active deployment, within the framework of the technical assistance in construction sector.

logo ihobe