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Sustainable building

What is a sustainable building?

Many international studies indicate that around 40% of the world energy consumption occurs in the buildings in which we develop our day to day. Hence the European Union's efforts to end a construction and refurbishment of buildings that do not pay enough attention to essential factors such as insulation or air-conditioning facilities.

Sustainable building means that in its entire life cycle, especially the design phase, it takes into account the three pillars of sustainable development (social, economic and environmental) in a balanced way.Sustainable construction must act in relation to these three concepts and, in addition, involve agents that traditionally had not been related to the world of construction, such as economists, social agents, environmental technicians, etc.

The construction sector, and specifically the construction of buildings, is one of the engines of a country’s economy. In spite of the crisis in the wide economy, and in this sector in particular, construction in Europe continues to represent around 10% of GDP and 8% of total employment (in Euskadi, 8% in both indicators). Therefore, the public administration is betting on sustainability in the construction sector, both at national and European level, as the way to achieve a new construction model that takes into account the impact on the environment and minimizes the consumption of energy, water or waste production.

In the near future, it is expected that EU policies will be directed towards the obligation to include environmental criteria in all construction and rehabilitation projects.

IK INGENIERIA’s services

IK INGENIERIA has an advisory service in sustainable building and Ecodesign applied to architecture, which is adapted to the needs of each client. The most requested counseling services are:

Sustainability Assessment and Environmental Improvement Plan for Buildings

  • Identification and evaluation of the environmental problems associated with a building
  • Definition of areas and improvement measures that reduce the environmental impact of the same
  • Development and monitoring of an improvement plan

This advisory service is especially aimed at municipalities and public administrations to comply with new legislation on building with environmental criteria and the correct environmental planning of the territory.

In addition, we provided the support in the sustainability assessment of the building for specific environmental assessment certifications in buildings such as the Sustainable Build Guidelines of the Basque Country or the BREEAM and LEED certifications.

certificado energetico

Energy certification of buildings

From June 1, 2013, used homes and commercial premises sold or rented in Spain must have the Energy Efficiency Certificate, an official document that informs about their energy performance and energy consumption. At IK INGENIERIA, we have qualified technicians, with wide experience in the sector and homologated to realize this certificate with professionalism and agility.


Organisation of conferences, courses and events

By the hand of Ihobe, the Environmental Management Society of the Basque Government, we have participated in the organisation of the most relevant international conferences and congresses in the field of Sustainable Building held in Bilbao:

  • Bilbao Ecodesign Meeting 2011
  • Environmental Product & Building Innovation IV (2010)
  • Environmental Product & Building Innovation III (2008)
  • Forum on Environmental Product Innovation (2007)
  • I Ecodesign Congress in the Basque Country. Improvement of environmental aspects of products (2006)

In addition, we give classes in Masters, and workshops, as well as custom-made courses.

   Ask our expert

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Sustainable building and rehabilitation project manager

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