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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

At IK INGENIERIA we developed, in 2008, the first EPD verified in Spain. Since then...

  • We are approved verifiers by the Swedish Environmental Management Council and EPD International AB to carry out the verification/audit process of the Environmental Product Declarations of companies wishing to be certified under the "International EPD System" system.
  • We are part of the International Advisory Committee of the International EPD System
  • We have developed and/or verified more than 60 EPDs.
  • We have participated in 60% of the EPDs verified in Spain by the "International EPD System" program. 55% of certified Spanish companies have relied on us for their development and/or verification.
  • We have created/moderated and participated in the development of 8 Product Category Rules (PCRs) for the "International EPD System" program.

What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

sistema epd

The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD, or eco-labels type III), allow to have a standard of environmental comparison between different products..

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an internationally recognized ecolabel applicable to all types of products, which provides the customer with verified and comparable information on the environmental profile of the goods and services declared. By their very nature, such systems are suitable for exchanging information between companies and their customers/stakeholders, and not for the final consumer, since the information contained in the EPD is very technical and detailed.

EPDs take into account the most significant environmental aspects of the company's product/service life cycle and show objective and verifiable information. More than 9 international organisations from Europe, America and Asia, together with initiatives from major industrial sectors, coordinate and direct the development of the standards and programs required for this type of label.


Companies can gain important benefits by developing EPDs:

  • Provides the opportunity to quantitatively and verifiably describe the environmental impact of your products, from the point of view of the whole life cycle and in an objective way.
  • It is an information tool for the acquisition and purchase of other products and/or services.
  • It allows comparisons between equivalent products.
  • It can be audited and validated by an independent accredited body, which guarantees the credibility and veracity of the information contained in the declaration.

Tipos de declaraciones ambientales de producto

An EPD can be carried out in accordance with the international standards ISO 14025 and ISO 14040, verifying, by an independent third party, that the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the declaration have been carried out according to standards. But there are also EPD certification programs, which specify for the different product groups a more detailed way of carrying out the LCA and EPD. These programs grant a badge that is added to the report and that performs the functions of environmental certificate, in addition to developing rules or working procedures contained in documents called "Product Category Rules" (PCR).

Therefore, if a company wishes to conduct an EPD based on some of the existing EPD certification programs, it must first check the existence of a PCR that matches the product group it wants to certify.

There are several EPD certification programs, but the most used in Spain and at European level is The International EPD System - Environdec.

logo epd

EPD international AB (Environdec), based in Sweden, is the administrator of The International EPD System - Environdec whose ultimate goal is to promote environmental sustainability in the industrial sector through this eco-labeling. A field in which IK INGENIERIA has extensive experience after 10 years working for companies like Gamesa, Acciona, Iberdrola, Finsa, Vicinay Cadenas or CAF (Constructions and Auxiliary of Railways).

The International EPD System - Environdec was born with the intention of becoming the international reference system for the development and certification of EPD, and therefore the EPD format is applicable worldwide. About 900 EPDs from 32 countries are available in its database, making it a recognized and valued system in international markets. They are also leading companies in their sectors of activity in countries such as Sweden, France, Germany, Italy or Japan.

In addition to companies employing EPD Product Declarations, the Environdec organisation has nearly thirty partners from around the world. Members of this organisation include firms such as Siemens, ABB Niessen and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute. IK INGENIERIA is also an associate member of The International EPD System - Environdec since 2012.

The International EPD System - ENVIRONDEC

Products and companies with EPD

Internationally, we can find EPDs in brands such as Italian food company Barilla, Japanese electronics company Ricoh, railway company Bombardier, Swedish power company Vattenfall and Swiss Axpo, Danish wind farm Vestas or equipment manufacturer ABB, leaders most of them in their sectors of activity. 
In spite of the relevance it has in other countries, the use of EPDs among Spanish companies is still in the process of expansion. Regarding the geographical situation, of the total EPDs in the national territory, more than 5% of the companies that use this environmental information system are concentrated in the Basque Country: Burdinola (wind farms), Vicinay Cadenas (maritime anchor chains ), CAF (Constructions and Auxiliary Railways), Gamesa (wind turbine), Ezarri (glass), Kide (cold equipment), Prodema (wood), Ofita (furniture), Gil Berzal (wine), Señorío de Astobiza and Fluoride Derivatives (anhydrite mortar), are some of them.

IK INGENIERIA has advised and supported about 30 companies developing more than 60 Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). In the framework of the International EPD system, we have worked with more than 55% of Spanish certified companies, which represents more than 60% of Spanish EPDs. As active members of the International EPD system, we have created and moderated the development of 8 Product Category Rules (PCRs) in the steel, furniture, food and transportation sectors. These PCRs have served as a reference standard for companies to have been able to develop and certify their EPDs.


Some of the companies and projects in which we have participated in the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are:


epd exp07

IBERDROLA has certified 2 Environmental Product Declarations in the "Alto de la Degollada" wind farms in Burgos and "Los Lirios" in Huelva. These EPDs are also the first ones to benefit from mutual recognition between the AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation) and EPD International programs, which involves the double logo of the entities and their register on their respective websites.

These EPDs collect the environmental impact generated for the obtaining and distribution of 1kwh of electricity by means of wind energy in each of these parks, and has served to Iberdrola to compete on equal terms with its main competitors worldwide, who were already declaring and certifying this type of information for their wind farms.

IK INGENIERIA has participated in the process of verification of the data and has accompanied the company during the certification of the declaration.

epd exp06

Gil Berzal developed and certified in 2015 an Environmental Declaration of Product of the red wine elaborated that year of harvest. Along with the eco-label certification, it developed a powerful marketing campaign under the slogan "I am unique" as it was the first red wine in the world to obtain the EPD environmental certification of the International EPD System.

This certification positioned this humble but competitive wine cellar in the European wine scene and opened the market for the Nordic countries, which value and demand this type of certificates. IK Engineering has collaborated with this and other wineries in obtaining these Eco-labels through the study and environmental analysis of the process, the elaboration of exhaustive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the drafting and advice in the certification process of the Environmental Product Declarations.

epd exp05

Eggnovo has developed and certified 3 environmental product declarations for food supplements derived from egg shell processing. This pioneering company, located in Villatuerta, is the first company of this type of products that communicates the environmental profile of its patented production process in comparison to the traditional methods of obtaining nutritional supplements of calcium and carbonate.

From IK INGENIERIA we have advised the company in the elaboration of the life cycle analysis and we have accompanied it during the process of certification of the EPDs.

Derivados del Fluor has received the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) eco-label for a building material, anhydrite. Derivatives of Fluoride obtains the anhydrite (common name of calcium sulphate dehydrated) of the use of byproducts of its manufacture, with which it has a sustainable origin. The anhydrite can be used as a substitute cement material for the manufacture of mortars under construction. These mortars have the property of being self-leveling and are used for the realization of floors, especially in radiant heating where it improves the transmission of the heat, which helps to reduce the energy consumption in buildings.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of Fluorine Derivatives has been verified by experts of IK INGENIERIA.

Vicinay, a Basque company dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of high technology chains and accessories for the offshore gas and oil market, is the first company in its sector to verify an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD Type III) according to international model EPD System. At present, Vicinay Cadenas has registered, through the Swedish organisation Environdec, its complete range of chains as well as three of its shackles products.

IK INGENIERIA has collaborated with Vicinay Cadenas in obtaining these Eco-labels through the study and environmental analysis of the process, the elaboration of exhaustive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), the drafting and the advice in the process of certification of Environmental Declarations (EPD Type III)

CAF, which designs, manufactures, maintains and supplies railway systems, has certified the first Environmental Product Declaration (eco-label type III) of a tram. Manufactured in its facilities in Zaragoza, the Tranvía Urbos 3 has an innovative system of operation without catenary, responding to the highest environmental demands. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of CAF Urbos 3 tram certifies its environmental performance. IK INGENIERIA has worked closely with the firm in the process of obtaining this eco-label.

CIVITY platform EPD

From Beasain's headquarters 2more EPDs has been drafted and certified in this case of a railway unit of the CIVITY platform and of a underground train. IK INGENIERIA has been in charge of the data collection and the analysis of the life cycle of the railways units, as well as of the writing of the Declarations.


IK INGENIERIA, approved verifier by The International EPD System - Environdec

Germany, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, France and Spain have individual professionals approved by Environdec to verify and audit Environmental Product Declarations. IK INGENIERIA is one of the accredited entities and has 3 of the few approved testers in Spain..

The work of approved testers is to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the data provided by the company in the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) presented as the basis of the environmental statement, ensuring that it complies with the requirements of ISO 14025, with the general Environdec program and with the established category rules for the product under consideration.


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